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Why were so Dunany Folks really Happy on September 10?

12 September 2017

Sure, weather is great. But there is more, lots more.

More than seventy of them were celebrating the opening of the new Dunany Trail.

Look at Maurice with his huge smile and big scissors. He has just cut the ribbon making this beautiful trail accessible to our community.

A Glorious Trail as Cynthia Scott aptly described it.

There was so much enthusiasm for this Dunany Community Association (DCA) project that the little jar on the picnic table overflowed with contributions totalling no less than 695$. And that could grow as some of you might want to make this number grow.

There are tons of people to thank for this and I will try not to forget any. First and foremost, there is Robert Percy. It was his idea, his project and he managed it like a pro. Bravo Robert.

But he could not have made it alone. Big Pine Fish and Game Club was on board but  he also needed the collaboration of the other land owner, especially Simon Octeau and the Dunany Country Club. They were early buyers and they deserve a good hand.

For the actual work on the trail, he was very ably seconded by Maurice and Stan Roy.

And then, there was the BBQ team with Maryse, Rick Latt, Jane Pilon, Margo MacGillivery, Scott Moffat, Lynn Palmer and once again Maurice Pilon. Thanks also go to Bruce MacLeod who took charge of transportation.

Jason Morrison, mayor of Wentworth, joined this happy crowd with his son. Two Dunany residents, Bill Gauley and Maurice Pilon, will join his team for the November 5 elections.

And now, for en encore, watch this wonderful minute and a half video from my favourite camera team John Parsons and Jennifer Gruner.

That’s Dunany.

Lots of Activities for you in Dunany this Summer.

13 June 2017

If you wish to meet old friends, make new ones and really enjoy this coming summer, look no further. Just read this line up of activities put together by our own Chief Volunteer Organizer (CVO), Lois Finch of Black Lake.

She has prepared a summary chart of the whole summer program which you will find here. DCA Seasonal activities_2017

  • The Bike Club – now the Dunany Chippers Bike Club – has a full program. If those happy and joyful folks don’t convince you to join, nothing will.  Look for details here.
  • Then there is  SPANK (Superior Paddlers and Notorious Kayakers) now in seventh season. This year, we will be doing our four lakes beginning with Black on July 7. See full schedule here. Events will be listed on the continuously updated Calendar, directly to your right on the Home Page. Details will be posted here.
  • The Dunany Studio Artists who, I suppose, you all know, is already at work. Dates of their upcoming late August Show and Sale are also on the Calender. Details on this page.
  • The Glee Club is another dynamic initiative. More information is available here. First rehearsal in on Monday July 3 at St.Paul’s Church at 3 PM.
  • And then, there is the Walking Club every Monday, Thursday and Saturday. All you need to know is here.
  • If you enjoy gardening, go this page and contact the organizer.
  • This list would be incomplete without Men’s Cribbage. Look for details here. If you are not one of them but want to play or prefer Scrabble, join Claudette Hay, Wednesday evenings at 7:30 PM.
  • And finally, there is the Vie Active program with Taras and Mary Chuprun (450 562 9297). Fun (sometimes hilarious!) exercise classes are held every Monday and Thursday at 10 AM at the Wentworth Community Center.

Have a great summer!

Dunany now has a Community Book Exchange

14 August 2016

It is all in this little box, corner of Boyd and Dunany Dunany Road.

Even though they are a recent (2009) idea, there are now more than 10 000 of those Little Free Libraries or Free Book Exchanges around the world, according to Wikipedia. The idea is simple: you put a book in, you take one out. In other words, it is a way to share books with one another.

The Dunany project initiator is Lois Finch who proposed the idea to the DCA and got Wentworth Council to approve it and provide the necessary permit. The box itself was crafted by John Wilson.

As you can see, there are already many books in the box.

Book Box

The rest is up to you, members of the Dunany Community. Especially those who live here year long.

Put a book in, take one out!