DunanyThis Web site is sponsored by The Dunany Community Association (DCA), created in 1963, for all who share an interest in Dunany and the DCA objective of "conserving the environment, values and quality of life in our Community".

Dunany, is a "little piece of paradise", just over an hour drive northwest of Montreal in Canada's Laurentian Mountains, 10 km north of Lachute, Quebec.

The DCA is a community based organization, with a volunteer Board of Directors, which is made up of people who reside in proximity to the Dunany Country Club and its surrounding lakes; Clear, Boyd, Black and Curran.

Stocking Curran and Black with Rainbow Trout

20 October 2014

About 400 rainbow trout -  large fish, 13-14 inches long – were added to both Curran and Black lakes last Wednesday October 15.

Rick and France at KDP 2014 + SPANK Boyd 2014.jpg

Stocking Curran and Black

The fish were provided by the Pisciculture Mont-Tremblant. Rod Armstrong and David Glionna, pictured above, selected them for these lakes as they do not seem to have any speckled trout left and are more robust and too large to be  swallowed by the small mouth bass population. Give them a year or two and they should do a fine meal for fou

Limit your catches to a strict minimum in 2015. These trout will be active in the lakes for the next four to six years.

A plan to control our beaver population

14 October 2014

Beaver activity has been reported on every one of our four lakes this summer if this last season deserves the name.

It is thus time to have a look at the whole picture and develop a plan to limit ad hoc interventions to a minimum. To do this, it has been decided to hire a professional trapper already tasked to do this for local municipalities. His name is Marcel Gauthier, a fully licensed trapper with 38 years of experience who lives close-by in Lachute. This is a picture of his truck.



Marcel already works for Wentworth and Browsburg-Chatham. More specifically, he has drawn a map of the beaver population in Wentworth (still work in progress )that you can view by clicking here. As you may be aware, governments limit their beaver interventions to public infrastructures and dangerous situations. Controlling beaver activity on lakes is ours to manage.

Last Sunday, Robert Percy and I took him for a tour of our lakes. We met many of the residents close to the areas where beaver activity has been reported. Over the coming weeks, Marcel will canoe on each lake to complete his assessment. He will also go to lake McKnight which, we suspect, is a fertile breeding ground. We already know, for example, that Boyd is a priority.

Basically, we want to know how many beavers there are in our watershed, what is the mix (females, young, etc…), where they breed and determine where we have excess populations. Since the trapping season opens on October 25 this is the time to do it. The goal here is to be in prevention mode and limit punctual interventions to a minimum. Where traps are to be used, locals will be informed and signs will be put up (we assume beavers, even the intelligent ones can’t read).

However, if you have beaver issues, please call Robert or I. We will work very closely with Marcel Gauthier.


Summer in Dunany: rainy but lively. See for yourself!

18 September 2014

John Wilson sent me this picture of a very hungry small mouth Bass which was taken by Clear Lake last July. As he said, his eyes were way bigger than his stomach. I thought I would share it with you as we end this cold and rainy summer.Attachment-1-2.jpg

This picture can also be found on Pictures of Dunany as well as many others which I have added in the past months. I draw you attention to two new bathymetric maps posted there: Black and Curran. This summer, the U of M team led by Richard Carignan also did the two other lakes and they should be available soon. I have also added to the site a high resolution copy of the 2007  Peter Palmer Bathymetric Map which you can view and download by clicking here.

The Dunany Studio Artist also had a helluva show. Here is sample of the art work in case you missed it. Dunany  Studio Artists 2014-0020

By the way, you should all know that God  is definitely on our side. We had six SPANK outings during this lousy summer and the weather was perfect on each occasion. Thanks Wendy!

Finally, you may not have noticed it but we have moved to the Age of the Internet. From now on, you will be able to pay you annual dues directly from this Web site using a Credit Card or a PayPal account. It was definitely time to do this move as the reliability of Canada Post is not quite what it used to be. Some of your checks got lost in the mail, others reached us months, yes months, after they had been mailed. We will also forgo our Postal Box and have the checks sent to our mailing address as indicated below.Pay my Dues

We wish you all the best.

These folks in Argenteuil really need your help

24 August 2014

This week end, the Centre d’entraide d’Argenteuil in Lachute – 200 Princess Street – was burned down. The Fire Chief says it is most likely a total loss.

This food bank and support centre serves no less than 400 families every month and reaches 1700 residents during the same period. It provides emergency services to 20-25 families three days a week. The community and its leaders – MP’s, MRC and Mayors – has mobilized in support of the center to ensure services will be provided without interruption.

But they also need money. To contribute, you can either write a check to the Centre d’entraide d’Argenteuil or go on the Web using your credit card. To do so, click here.

If you write a check, we suggest you deposit it in June Parker’s mail box at 1176 Dunany Road. She will deliver them to the appropriate place.

The Centre is a registered charity.

Give generously. Rapidly.

The 2014 AGM: as if you had been there…

14 July 2014

For those of you who could not attend the last AGM (July 13), these are the highlights of the meeting.

  • By-Laws. The proposed new set of by-laws was unanimously adopted.
  • Beavers. Population control will require a more significant investment.
  • Roads. There is hope for MacDougall Road, measurements and costs estimates are being done by Brownsburg-Chatham. Touch wood! A new and more secure entrance to Boyd road is being planned and Wentworth has a 250 000$ budget to execute. Municipality is also pressing MTQ to install guardrails on critical curves of Dunany Road.

    Rainbow on Black Lake July 27, 2014 John Parsons

  • Lakes. Seven years of data show they are in good shape but we have not analyzed the periphyton (moss on rocks a few inches underwater) where early signs of deterioration would give early warning signals of deterioration. Make sure your premises are well drained, prevent run-off and reinforce your shoreline protection band.
  • Purple Bladderwort on Black. Richard Carignan, Quebec’s foremost lake specialist, will evaluate the situation in August.
  • Emerald Ash Borer. Buy your firewood locally to avoid importing the beast in our area.
  • Boat washing. You should always do so after an errand to a foreign lake. Start with a good visual inspection, wash with 2% Javel solution or leave boat in plain sunlight for five days. Invasive plants are a critical threat.
  • Activities and participation. Association encourages development of numerous social activities such as SPANK, Artists, walking club… etc  and helps to promote them with our communications tools.
  • Fish stocking. The plan for 2014 is to stock Boyd and Black with speckled trout whose presence is a good barometer of a healthy lake.
  • Security. We are blessed in Dunany. No significant incident to report.
  • Communications. Keep informing the DCA of changes in email addresses as, from now on, communications will go through the Internet including (soon) invoices and payments. Those still not on the Internet will however still receive snail mail and be able to pays their dues with checks.
  • Membership. 90% paid their dues in 2013.
  • Financial results. The 50th Anniversary Gala made a tiny profit. Clear Lake Fish Fund contributed 655$ which boosted the surplus to 1 815$.
  • Fees for 2015. Assembly voted unanimously to increase them to 40$.
  • DCA Board. John Riviere is our new Vice-President and Lois Finch has joined the Board.


Champions of St.Paul’s 2014 Golf Tournement

28 May 2014

St. Paul’s Golf Tournament attracted a good crowd again this year.

The 2014 winners were David and Sue Lavoie (pictured at the centre of this photo montage).

Last year’s winners, the Barb Havill team,  were also celebrated at the end of the service at St.Paul’s. Look at the picture above. From left to right: Peter and Cathy Wright, Rick Havill, Marjorie Cruise, Honorary Chairperson of this year’s tournament, Barbara Havill, Father David Sinclair, Wendy Crooks and Bill Gauley.


Tournament was also honoured by the participation of Serge Riendeau, mayor of Brownsburg-Chatham, picture centre left, opposite president Robert and his glorious cake, courtesy of IGA Lachute  (owner Suzanne Albert) who generously provided the food, the staff, the BBQ and a lot of good fun which made this year’s tournament very special to all who were there.

Rona Lachute, owner Patrick Cadieux, Gym Max, owner Marc Olivier Labelle and MacKimmie Funeral Home , owners Rick and Bonnie MacKimmie, are Lachute businesses that deserve our support for their contribution.

DCA residents Richard Hadley, Les Arbres de Noël  Inc., Benoit St-Jacques, Pilon St-Jacques Accountants, Glen Nobes, Henry Marks (men’s clothing in Montreal) and John and Cathy Riviere, (Cathy’s Kitchen) have all supported St.Paul’s.  If you need these services, think of using them.

T.W. Seale & Sons is a well known country business.  Judy and Tom are good supporters of St.Paul’s and they also provide an excellent service in their field of excavation and trucking. Finally, we thank Gore and Wentworth for their encouragement.

A cold and rainy summer in 2013 but very good lake reports

8 March 2014

Yeah, it was a summer to forget. All too often cold and rainy.

The weather was pretty bad except on SPANK days! (Thanks Wendy!).

Consequently, clarity was lower than in previous years but that was expected. Overall, our results are very good. Phosphorous count is still very low. All of our lake are in the oligotrophic* category.

Click here to view the charts.

The following bathymetric map was produced last year by the Richard Carignan group at the U of M. Dr Carignan is reputed to be the foremost lake specialist in Quebec.


A bathymetric map of Black Lake (2013).

A new bathymetric map of Black Lake (2013).

I has asked him to assess the situation at Back Lake with regard to the eastern purple bladderwort issue. The group produced this map as part of its evaluation. The verdict: not a worrying situation. Just observe.

Double click on the map and enlarge it still more with another click and then look at the data. Interesting to note, for example, that the lake turnover is 1.8 times per year.

As you know, we tried unsuccessfully last summer to convince the Ministry of Transport to raise by 6 inches the Black lake culvert it was replacing.

This summer, we will thus monitor the situation very closely and watch the evolution of that carnivorous plant which is found in other lakes in the Laurentians (lac du Brochet in Mont-Tremblant National Park and Cromwell Lake at the Laurentian Biology Station) as, according to Dr Carignan, the plant is not particularly invasive.

Our lakes are in great shape because you care. Keep your septic system is in top shape. Avoid fertilizers and pesticides. Eliminate run off and make sure your shoreline protection band is compliant.


* Lake, pond or stream low in plant nutrients such as phosphates, nitrates, and organic matter, and consequently having few plants and a large amount of dissolved oxygen throughout.


George Crooks (1937-2014): a loving testimony from his children

11 February 2014

We have lost a loving Husband, Father, Grandfather, Friend and ‘Community
Member’.  George was born January 3, 1937, was raised, lived and worked in
Dunany most of his life.

George Crooks.jpg

George Crooks

He and Wendy were married for 45 years and were
blessed with 3 children, Georgie (42), Connie (37) and Cathy (36).  George
loved children and always had a waiting hug for his grandchildren – Krystal,
Ashley and Jimmy.  He adored and spoiled his 2 dogs, Riley and Buddy.
George was a hard worker in the bush, on construction and renovation, and
with excavation.  Whether he was keeping your cottage comfortably maintained
and your driveway clear, or catching the biggest fish or losing you up the
trail on his skis, George was a constant – a reliable friend.  George took
care of the needs of others before his own. He was genuine in all he said or
did, and you knew it always came from his strong yet tender heart.  He
welcomed people into his home, never judging because he would say, “What
goes around, comes around!”  George was a no nonsense guy, but you knew from
his smile, his boyish grin and his comforting words that his love was deep
and pure.  As George became less active, he often drove around the community
to check things out and was known affectionately as the “sheriff”.  Dunany
has lost a gentle man, a true gentleman.  He will be missed by many and
always remembered lovingly by his family and friends.

A memorial Service will be held tomorrow (Wednesday, February 12) at St. Paul’s. Visitation at the church from 12 – 2 p.m. Reception will follow at the Wentworth Community Center.

Three Cheers for Edith Ury!

1 February 2014


Last Thursday, January 30th, 4Korners, a non profit organization which provides information, resources and services to the English speaking Community in the Laurentians, opened a satellite office in Lachute.

All because of Edith Ury.

Here is how Rola Helou, the executive director, tells it.

In June 2013, while at 4 Korners’ Annual General Meeting, Edith spoke with the president, Mr Peter Andreozzi about opening an office in Lachute  (4 Korners opened an office in Sainte Agathe in September 2012 and this was highlighted at the AGM).  We explained that, though the need is great, there were no resources to open another office anytime soon.

I think Edith must have said to herself, “Challenge accepted!” because in the weeks that followed Edith was on a mission.


Edith began meeting with Mayors and DGs in Argenteuil explaining 4 Korners’ mission and the needs of the aging population in Argenteuil.  I even think she may have stalked them during an MRC meeting.  She met with both MP’s: Mylene Freeman and Roland Richer.  She kept insisting for a formal letter explaining what our needs are to present to each of the Mayors and the DG of the MRC.

Ultimately, Edith was able to secure funding from the MRC, the city of Lachute and from Mr Roland Richer’s office.  The LESANAs (Laurentian English Services Advisory Network Argenteuil) also gave their local project money.

She is pictured here (right) with two other dedicated Laurentian volunteers: Sheila Eskenazi and Gertrude Doré. 

Now, doesn’t that deserve a good hand!


Farewell Brian Parker

7 January 2014

Brian James Parker, passed away peacefully in his sleep on January 5th, 2014 at St-Mary’s hospital, with his only son by his side. At the age of 65, Brian is now at peace and has joined his beloved wife, Candace Loubert.

Brian Parker

As these pictures attest, Brian, who lived on Clear Lake for more than 30 years, was part of the fabric of the Dunany Community either helping or enjoying our beautiful surroundings. These photographs were taken around St.Paul’s and on a SPANK excursion last summer on the North River.

Born in British Columbia ,Brian is survived by his son, 2 grandchildren and a brother.

Brian’s trade was stage set design and setting which he practiced around the world where he made numerous friends.

A celebration of life will be held at his own home on Saturday, January 18th, 2014, at 1160 Dunany Road, in Lachute, from 11 am to 4 p.m.

All are welcome.



In lieu of flowers, the family is requesting that donations be made out to St-Mary’s hospital.

Memo to cottagers: an ounce of prevention is worth…

30 September 2013

Well, as you know,  a pound of cure!

Thanksgiving is less than a couple of weeks away and many of you will be closing in for the winter months. During the last season, there have been some regrettable incidents like burglaries and vandalism. A couple of cottage owners even had the content of their oil tanks stolen. We asked the SQ if there was some kind of organised group doing this. They searched but could not find any. So they must be isolated incidents.

Securité Illustration 09-13

To protect your cottage while you are away during the winter months, we strongly suggest that you have someone check your property regularly. It can be a neighbour who is a permanent resident or someone who will do it for a small fee. Contact Sheryl Caron, June Parker or myself if you need specific information.

By the way, many insurance companies do require that your property be regularly visited as part of the contract. If in doubt, check with them.

Finally, if you see a suspicious car, take down the license plate and alert one of the contacts on the Neighbourhood Watch List. Remember we are the eyes and ears of the police!

DCA celebrates 50 Years, its pionneers and volunteers

25 July 2013

No less than  160 persons attended the great DCA Gala Dinner on July 20th. It was a roaring success. MC Maurice Pilon was as witty as a stand-up comic and made this event an evening to remember. Look at the smiles on this picture. Here is our new President Robert Percy with the evening’s Honoris Meritas recipients: Taras and Mary Chuprun, Jim Armstrong, Revilla Sauvé and Maurice.

Présidents et Honoris Meritas 2013


The event was attended by the Mayors of Wentworth -Ed Kasprzyk -  and Gore – Scott Pearce – as well as the Executive Director of the MRC d’Argenteuil, Marc Carrièere. An important presence was also that of Jill Marshall, daughter of the DCA’s first president, Wels Marshall.

Since the AGM was held at the same time, the proposed Board, led by Robert Percy, was voted in unanimously.

Lots of pictures were taken during the event. You will find them under a new tab, right under Pictures of Dunany. Click on one of the pictures then  use the arrows at the bottom to go to the next picture. If you are viewing this with an iPad, just swipe your way through.


Photo credits go to Hannah Azaria, Angela Macleod, June Parker and I (Jacques Pigeon) who  also edited them.

Yes, there are coyotes in Dunany!

1 December 2012

Proof: the animal on the left is an eastern coyote probably tracking the scent of a deer or looking for a small rodent.

Eastern coyotes are a hybrid of western coyotes and wolves. They are primarily nocturnal animals and usually wary of humans and avoid people whenever possible.

These animals were photographed recently in the private forest adjacent to the golf course using a hidden camera.

Pictures courtesy of Simon Octeau

The other interesting animal is a Pekan, a large dark brown North American arboreal carnivorous mammal, a name of Algonquian origin. It is a solitary animal, difficult to observe, a predator who will even go after porcupines!

The bird, as many of you will know, is a Pileated woodpecker.

The Emerald Ash Borer: how to prevent it’s arrival in Dunany.

30 July 2012

There were questions asked at last  AGM, held on Sunday July 22, 2012, about the Emerald ash Borer (Agrilius planipennis). It is an insect that attacks and kills all species of ash, except mountain ash which is not a true ash. This is what it looks like:

Emerald Ash Borer – Agrilus planipennis

It has reached the City of Montreal which has deployed a major initiative to save the trees that have already been  infected and, more importantly, to prevent its spread. You will find links on the topic in the links section of this Web site.

Duncan Campbell has kindly provided me with information and advice I am here sharing with you. The advice is simple and straightforward: do not  transport firewood from one area to another as this is a prime method of propagating the insect.  There are areas of Quebec now where no wood can come in or out to stop the propagation.  Unfortunately, many of our residents bring wood from their home to their cottage or vice versa.

Firewood from unknown provenance could have been infected prior to its felling. It is another reason why a permit is required from the municipality to cut a tree – not just a cash grab, as some would think – but an inspection of the tree as to why it is dead or dying can be part of a prevention program.

At the AGM, someone said to  burn the trees and branches. This is not an acceptable method of eliminating the bug (plus it adds pollution). Trees have to be cut and chipped up to eliminate the chance that the larvae will propagate.

Bottom line: the best way to prevent the bug’s arrival in Dunany is to buy your firewood locally.


Lakeside resident destroys shoreline. Municipality sues. Read what the Quebec Superior Court decides.

1 March 2012

This is a first in Québec. A property owner by lac Ouareau, in Lanaudière – near St-Donat – built a large house on a lake-front lot and decided to clean cut and level his shoreline even though the municipality, Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci (pop: 1100), had previously informed him of its 1996 by-law forbidding such action in the 10-15 meter lake protection band. The by-law is basically the same as Argenteuil’s.

Lac Ouareau

The municipality sued, won and even got the defendant to pay its legal costs (30,000$) . Moreover, the owner of the mansion – the property is valued at 1,090,800.00 dollars- will have to restore the shoreline along the plans drafted by consultants hired by the municipality. If he fails to do so, the deciding judge from the Superior Court, Justice  Steve J. Remnitz, authorizes the municipality to do the work and bill the owner as if it were a tax bill.

The municipality of Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci has worked hard in the past years to improve the quality of the water of its lake which has had many blue-green algae episodes in the past years, including 2010. For example, it has planted more than 1000 trees on its shoreline every year.

In his decision, justice Reimnitz took into account the fact that the municipality of Notre-Dame-de-la-Merci has a population of only 1100, a tight 2.6M$ budget and can hardly afford these legal costs. Now, that should be of great interest to our local mayors and councillors who are often hesitant to sue residents who do not respect their by-laws, especially the wealthy ones.

If you want to read Justice Reimnitz’s decision (in French) click on this sentence.